Oleg Romanovskyi

The experienced  Software architect NodeJS developer AngularJS developer

About me

Experienced troubleshooter

Always looking for a nice problem to solve. Worked hard to break a bad habit of creating problems if no problems handily available.


Full concentration allows me to understand complex problems and projects in short terms.


I dive into project to help with it, and not to rebuild everything according to my taste (but I can if you want).

Data geek

Measure, collect, analyze and fix what's need to be fixed, not a random thing.

Personal Info


Oleg Romnanovskyi

Date of Birth:

27 Sep 1983


Pro. Experience

My Professional skills

Software design

Wide area of thought, experience and ton of test models gives me a knowledge what works. And with deep understanding of business goals I design reliable systems without overcomplicating.


In many cases it's cheaper to make a prototype of core part before investing a lot of time and effort into development. Even for my own architectures you may take my word for it or I may develop a demo prototype to prove its viability.


With more then 10 year of experience I have a lot of reusable code pieces. And master degree in computer science allows me to understand how computer systems and networks works and choose tools wisely.